We help businesses beat their competitions, leveraging advanced technologies, PAGGI is positioned to simplify the technology adoption for the businesses.



Navi Mumbai, INDIA


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We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services

Artificial Intelligence

We can do prototyping and/or POCs for the clients using latest AI/ML frameworks, like Amazon, Google etc.

IoT & Automation

If you are having IoT and Automation custom requirements, we can help you evaluate the requirements, and build the solutions.

Smart Systems

We are experienced building systems which are next generation, we do what is possible by the machine, and save human errors and time, making the process productive and optimized.

Cloud Solutions

Migrate legacy business intelligence and operations to cloud, and be ready to exploit the growth, we help SMEs setup and build cloud solutions.

IT Consultancy

Trust our top minds to eliminate workflow pain points, implement new tech, and consolidate app portfolios.

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