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Operator Based Weighbridge Software.

  • Any operator can easily operate, very simple software (unique design).
  • Track all Inward and Outward material Dispatch/Receipt based on OrderID.
  • 24×7 phone/online support in case of any issues.
  • Can be installed as Desktop, LAN based, Cloud with Online Data access.
  • SMS/WhatsApp/Telegram Weighment slip delivery with Vehicle pictures.
  • Weighment slip pdf file will be automatically generated and uploaded on OneDrive/GoogleDrive.
  • Shift and 24hrs Excel/Pdf reports will be automatically sent on email as shift/day completes.
  • IP camera integration allows image capture at the time of weighment, which can be printed in
    weighment slip.
  • Records query made simple with advanced grid, supports filtering and grouping (unique feature)
    easy to use.
  • Customization of entry fields, weighment slip and reports as per customer’s choice.
  • Sales/Purchase Software can be bundled and integrated with Weighbridge Software.
  • Can be integrated with any ERP or software.

Unmanned Weighbridge Software

  • Supports all features listed in Operator Based Weighbridge Software.
  • Automatic weight capture with images (Fast transaction time).
  • Application can be used from remote location.
  • RFID, UHF, Traffic Lights, Boom Barrier, Loop Detector, Position Sensor, IP Camera, Audio Announcement, LED Display.

Rice Mill ERP Software.

  • Supports all features listed in Operator Based Weighbridge Software.
  • Automatically generate reports Agreement wise, Society Wise, Completed Dos, Pending DOs.
  • Software alerts which DO needs to be completed first to avoid penalty.
  • Software prevents data entry errors by maintaining the stocks of Paddy Received and Rice Dispatched.
  • Software automatically alerts the staff about any shortages coming from the Society before unloading.
  • Society wise shortage report can be generated.
  • Hamali payment calculation is done by the software.
  • Sales and Purchase software integrated with Weighbridge, automatically keep tracks of Receipts/Dispatches and payments.